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  Its all about comfort, your comfort

DOMUS (Greek language for house/home)

In recent years the concept of “domotics” became more widely spread, but these terms have also sometimes been associated with products that are neither integrating nor automating. With TELETASK, promises become reality. For this reason TELETASK, as an experienced manufacturer of top level domotics products, is pleased to share our vision of domotics with you – a  vision which we have been building up carefully over many years, based on know how and experience. It isn’t a vision of overwhelming and impossible fantasies. Instead our vision fits with the daily reality of the contemporary living. A vision founded in the idea of integration which is applicable for every home, whether it is a well equipped modern house or the most exuberant villa.

TELETASK domotics realises tangible added value to contemporary living by offering integrated solutions. The largest added value of domotics you will notice first is the extra comfort level in all kind of situations.

It is a pleasant, reassuring thought that you don’t have to remember to switch off the heating after opening the bedroom window in the morning or to know that on a hot sunny day the cooling system will only operate when the window is closed.

You don’t have to worry that electrical curtains will be damaged accidentally if operated while the window was left open. Your domotics system refuses to close the curtain as long as the window is opened and kindly informs you with a small message why the curtain is still not closed.

You can rest in the comfort of knowing that if you forget to switch off the light in the hall, the garage or the garden…, the domotics system will switch them off automatically after a while. It is very comfortable if one or more motion sensors control the lights when you enter the hall at night, or when you go to bed or leave the house and all lights and systems are switched off with a simple push on a button.

Your TELETASK domotics system is even more impressive when you opt for the highly user-friendly touch screens from which you can easily control many functions. No longer need your walls be cluttered with different switch designs, thermostats and door phone systems. Now all controls can be integrated into one or more discrete touch screens.

With a home theatre installation, TELETASK seamlessly integrates several functions including lighting, projection screen deployment, closing curtains, sound control – all set with the TELETASK remote control from your comfortable chair or while lying in bed.

By the way… all the garden functions are also connected to your domotics system - from the garden lighting and the sprinkler systems to electrically operated gates and garage doors.

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