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  TELETASK - for a better life!

It is not surprising, that even the environment benefits from our domotics systems.

Recent research pointed out that a house equipped with a TELETASK domotics system and a minimal integration of lighting, electrical equipment and heating or cooling, saves 15% on heating cost and 10% on other energy use. It is a welcome saving without any sacrifice of comfort. Think about how pleasant saving energy can be:

After use, the small kitchen water heater is switched off automatically. Without any efforts you save energy while warm water flows out of the tap at the moment you need it.

Or… make sleeping better by eliminating the so-called “slumber energy”. A lot of equipment like the audio system, the television… is set to a sleep mode when they are switched off. In this sleep mode a lot of energy is wasted. With an easy touch on the button besides your bed you disconnect the equipment from the mains just before you go to bed. So even sleeping can be more energy efficient.

Even coming home to a pleasant warm living temperature after work, is compatible with efficient energy management with TELETASK. Thanks to the integrated heating/cooling system your house is set to an economical stand-by temperature level about an hour before your planned homecoming. When you arrive at home, the temperature is automatically set to your preferred comfort level. The TELETASK home automation system offers you a comfortable home coming with extra advantages for the environment.

The TELETASK domotics system offers more than energy saving characteristics. It can also be responsible for optimized care of the environment. An integrated ventilation fan linked to the TELETASK humidity sensor ensures mildew is kept away from the bath room and the sauna. Unwanted smells are banished out of the toilet. While you are absent, the automatic frost protection breaks the chilliness in the bedroom and the best atmosphere is created in the living room by means of an integrated humidifier or air purifier control.