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  The Birth of TELETASK Domotics

History is a chain of remarkable moments. TELETASK has its own key moments, exploded into a fascinating story of continuous search for the best solutions with the highest quality. Right from the beginning the newest technologies where combined with an original design.
Started in 1984, TELETASK can be considered as a pioneer in the home automation field. Today, customers in more than 20 countries are using our products.


A small but successful student-like project is the precursor idea of domotics today. A central control panel and system has been made for the lighting control in a small interior decoration shop in the old city of Gent . Although the project was far from what domotics is today, it mentioned the start of nowadays domotics. After the successful project, TELETASK started in those days as a pioneer with the research and development for "home electronics".


The TLS90 is introduced. These custom made TELETASK Lighting Systems with a central unit and several touch panels marked the arrival of the standard made domotic systems from the earlier nineties.


A new central unit is born: MICROS. This small, but powerful central unit covers the need for a domotic system in any family house for an interesting price. Thanks to the MICROS the comfort and safeness offered by a TELETASK domotic system is no longer the privilege of the high-end villas.


The diamond in the world of domotics is presented by TELETASK. As a result of the strong research and development oriented philosophy the SERVUS is a unique graphical multimedia user interface for the general control of all domotic functions. The clean design, the use of the newest technologies and the far-reaching integration of home functions as TV, radio, video door phone, speech generation… emphasize our will to offer you the best for a comfortable and well-standing life.


In the drive to make life more comfortable, TELETASK invents the touch window: a control interface as flexible as your wishes. Thanks to the personalized film that is placed behind a touch sensitive glass, we created a useful control interface, no matter the language or preferred interior.


TELETASK introduced the innovative and intuitive new programming software generation, the PROSOFT SUITE, early in 2006. It is not only an all in one software package for the most useful TELETASK software components, but also a multi-language platform with Chinese included. This new software platform is easy to learn in 1-2 days and allows even the property management service staff to modify software settings of the TELETASK system. It is no longer a domain of highly educated software specialists.


TELETASK introduces the innovative “MICROS+” central unit. Designed also for very large projects, the new MICROS+ central unit comes with DoIP included.

TELETASK Always a step ahead!


TELETASK celebrates its 25th anniversary. Happy Birthday TELETASK!


TELETASK introduces the AURUS-OLED design glass touch panel. The full functional integration, combined with high end materials and a timeless design, makes the AURUS-OLED the best user interface in Domotics money can buy these days.

TELETASK – On the forefront of innovation!


The brand new PROSOFT  Suite 3.3 was released, which supported all those new interfaces. In addition the AURUS-4 glass touch panel was released, which was natural extension of the AURUS-OLED touch panel.

Its time for XXL! TELETASK introduces the new line of large touch screens. The MAIOR product line consists of 3 beautifully designed touch screens in the size of 10", 15" or even 19". 

But not enough, the new TELETASK Multimedia Server MMA went to the market and amazed with fully integrated Multi-Room and Multi-Source audio. TELETASK Domotics sounded never better.         


The AURUS-2 was introduced. With its minimalistic design, it is made for satisfaction and usability. It features 2 easy to use (large) touch buttons. A hidden button is available to get into a 'cleaning' mode. AURUS-2, simply TELETASK

TDS13620 the latest in DALI/DSI or DMX LED light control was introduced. A whole new world of lighting possibilities now is at the reach of the TELETASK customers.


Central Aircon control is a must for high-end projects. With the new TDS14061 AUTOBUS interface and its brand dedicated daughter interfaces, TELETASK now supports a wide range of brands with their VRV/VRF air conditioner systems.

Realizing the tendency to central control and management, TELETASK released the "Control Tower" management software. “Control Tower” is the perfect solution for managing and safeguarding multiple buildings like houses, flats, offices, shops, showrooms, service flats, hotel rooms, etc….


TELETASK celebrates its 30th Anniversary. Happy Birthday TELETASK again!

During 30 years of continuous innovation, TELETASK redefined home automation to a whole new class. TELETASK Domotics stands for highest integration, best comfort, long lasting and best design available.

Just at the beginning of this year TELETASK introduces the brand new PROSOFT  Suite 3.4 , with many new exiting functions and integration possibilities. Other novelties, such as the AURUS-2 SENSE, which is much more than a motion sensor, are going to rock the market.

TELETASK - Still on the forefront of innovation!