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AURUS-4 TEMP, the perfect zone climate controller


The AURUS-4 TEMP is the answer to everybody, who was waiting for something between the AURUS-4 and the AURUS-OLED? This innovative and brand new beauty is a solid glass capacitive touch panel with 4 capacitive touch buttons and LED feedback.

The AURUS-4 TEMP is perfect for zone climate control. Optimum energy climate control starts with splitting a building into different temperature zones.

The lower two buttons of the AURUS-4 TEMP are pre-defined for room temperature control setting. A small OLED display in between show the current and set room temperature.

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AURUS-2 SENSE, much more than a motion detector


The AURUS-2 SENSE is a motion detector for residential use, which is aimed at controlling lights in hallways, offices, bathrooms, toilets and similar places.

With the new AURUS-2 SENSOR TELETASK is aiming once again to create added value. Yes, this touch panel looks like a motion sensor, but it is much more. The AURUS-2 SENSE is a design touch panel with two buttons, but it’s also a motion detector, a light and temperature sensor.

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iSGUI for Smart Phones, Tablet and PC


Whether you are at home, around the corner or anywhere on the globe, you can get in touch with your house or apartment and instantly monitor and control any function from your mobile device or PC. iSGUI is supported on Apple iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), Android Devices, Blackberry 10 or higher, Microsoft Windows PC, and Apple Mac OS, on any data connection (Wi-Fi, GPRS, Edge, HSDPA, 3G…).

The TELETASK iSGUI always gives you instant feedback. See the status of lights, gates, temperatures, wall sockets, audio/video equipment and much more. Although the screen of a mobile phone is relatively small, camera pictures have extreme high quality due to high speed digital signal processing and the integration with IP camera’s.

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AURUS-TFT Glass Touch Screen

  AURUS-TFT is a super compact 4.3" glass touch screen, with an amazing repertoir of functionality. This gorgeous little genius gives you all the possibilities for control of lights, curtains, gates, devices, garden sprinklers, fountains, background music, time, moods, floor heating and air conditioning, as well as security cameras, for a single room or even for the whole house.

The AURUS-TFT has an integrated buzzer for acoustic alarms. The device is fully controllable by the TELETASK Domotics remote control.

This discreet but powerful user interface is a must in your bedroom and your living room. With this device you are definetely in control and you will always know whats going on.

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